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Montreal's Forecast Includes A Lot Of Rain & Wind As A Fall Storm Looms

Flash flooding is possible. ☂️

A person walks on Mont-Royal Avenue holding an umbrella during a rain storm.​

A person walks on Mont-Royal Avenue holding an umbrella during a rain storm.

Montrealers enjoying this week's short burst of warm temps could soon see their spirits dampened by a fall storm. Heavy rains and gusting winds are expected to hit Quebec on Thursday bringing up to 70 mm of precipitation and gales of between 60 and 90 km/h in the southern and central parts of the province. Leaves will be ripped from trees, clogging house and sidewalk gutters, which some weather outlets warn could cause flash floods. Power outages from falling branches are also possible.

Environment Canada has already issued a special weather advisory for areas near Montreal, including Mascouche and Saint-Eustache, warning of heavy rain over the next two days.

A low-pressure system from Ontario will reach Western Quebec on Thursday and move slowly inward on Friday, bringing serious rainfall. Cities north of the Saint Lawrence River will see the most precipitation and strongest winds.

The adverse weather marks the first fall storm of the season. Météo Média is advising motorists to take extra caution during inclement weather.

"In rainy conditions, the distance to keep with the vehicle in front of you increases to four seconds (up from the usual two seconds)," according to the weather outlet.

Puddles that accumulate on the road during heavy rain also add a serious risk of aquaplaning. If you lose traction on wet pavement, you should release the pedals and keep your steering wheel straight, advised Météo Média.

Temperatures will drop during the stormy patch with lows of 10 C overnight and daytime highs of 13 to 16 C. If one thing's for sure, the incoming fall storm is washing away any trace of summer.

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