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Montreal's Le Grand Poutinefest Kicks Off This Weekend

Drive through or walk through to get your fix!

Like a good Quebecer, you're probably craving crispy fries topped with hot gravy and squeaky cheese curds as you read this. Why not get your poutine fix at Montreal's Le Grand Poutinefest? It kicks off this weekend for the 2021 season.

Almost every weekend for the next couple of months, Le Grand Poutinefest will be in a different part of the Montreal area, starting with Place Vertu in Ville Saint-Laurent on May 1 and 2.

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To accommodate COVID-19 health measures, you don't even need to get out of your car to experience it. Like in 2020, you can either drive through or walk through the festival but keep in mind that no tables or chairs will be available. 

The menu includes jerk chicken poutine, General Tao poutine, fish & chips poutine and more.

Admission is free but a poutine will cost you between $9.99 and $16.53.

Check out the dates and locations on this calendar

Le Grand Poutinefest 2021

Price: Admission is free but poutine costs between $9.99 and $16.53.  

When: Spring/Summer 2021

Why You Need To Go: You're already dreaming of the layers of cheese and gravy.