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Montreal's Riverside Bar On Lachine Canal Is Perfect To Say Goodbye To Summer In Style

They even have a disco ball!

People enjoying drinks at Riverside Saint-Henri in Montreal.

People enjoying drinks at Riverside Saint-Henri in Montreal.

From Atwater Market to the Lachine Canal, the Sud-Ouest borough is so vibrant, you just can't escape its charm. While it's far from being the only area worth visiting on the island, it's a must-see for every local worthy of the name. Its captivating history will lure you in, but its attractive bar and restaurant scene will lock your heart in place.

Want to make the most out of your last days of summer? Gems like Riverside St. Henri will make you forget what even is a change of season. Your butt on a terrasse, a glass in your hand is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer in style.

The open-air bar nestled right along Lachine Canal is a dream space. While their doors can welcome you year-long, they really shine during the warm weather season.

Their massive outdoor terrasse is something to take in. The local hot spot has wicked music, draws an incredible crowd and the setup throughout their outdoor grounds has the perfect ambiance.

You'll find Riverside St. Henri at a former secret spot between two old silos on the canal, so you better believe the urban scenery is signature "Montreal". The environment at this bar resto is a top choice to flourish your Instagram or jazz up your next TikTok creation.

Riverside St. Henri really does have a bit of everything. Got the munchies? Why don't you revel in the taste of their salmon tartare, or indulge in a mouth-watering pepperoni pizza under the warm rays? Their well-crafted food menu will silence your stomach's growls.

Want to quench your thirst? Whether you sip your very own St-Ambroise NEIPA or share a pitcher of rosé sangria with your crew, they'll grant your every wish.

Now, you can easily kick back and relax comfortably with some drinks and friends. Or you can hit up the dance floor and keep your energy high and body moving all night long.

Where: Riverside St. Henri at 5020 rue Saint-Ambroise, Montreal, QC

When: Schedule updated weekly here

Why you should go: If you want to make the most out of your last days of summer, head over to Riverside St. Henri to try out their amazing cocktails perfectly curated for your friends and you.

A beautiful scenery with hues of history and mystery awaits your crew at this Sud-Ouest hot spot.


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