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Here's The Cause Of Montreal's Blood Red & Orange Sun And Moon On Monday Night

Did you look up last night?

Montreal's Sun & Moon Were Orange On Monday & Here's Why

On July 19, anomalies caused by forest fires in Canada transformed the sun's and moon's usual colours into fiery red and tangerine.

According to The Weather Network, western Canada's active forest fires caused thick smoke to travel across the country, even reaching Newfoundland.

Lingering smoke from forest fires in Ontario and Manitoba was one of the principal causes of poor air quality in several areas of Quebec on Monday evening, including Laval, Gatineau, Shawinigan and Montreal, according to Environment Canada.

However, the smog was not expected to last more than 36 hours.

In a July 20 tweet, the Canadian Space Agency explained that particles from the Canadian wildfires caused the sunlight's longer-wavelength colours, like red and orange, to shine through while blocking the shorter wavelengths of yellow, blue and green.

Many Quebecers took to the Internet to create a digital record of the limited-time meteorological phenomenon.

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