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Montreal's UNIQLO Location Opens This Month & It Will House Collections Unique To The City

Bienvenue à Montreal, UNIQLO!
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Montreal's UNIQLO Location Opens This Month & It Will House Collections Unique To The City

Say, "Bonjour, Hi" to a new store in the city my fellow locals. On Friday, October 23 at 10 a.m., the Montreal UNIQLO location will officially open its doors at the Eaton Centre.

The Japanese mega-brand has taken over the world of shoppers' go-to brand for closet essentials that are simple and understated, yet bold and chic.

And in true Montreal style, this isn't just your average store opening on Sainte-Catherine.

The Montreal location opening is a celebration of Canada's fashion capital, taking it to even bigger places than before in the great white north...

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The store will bring the Japanese style to the streets of Montreal.

It's no secret that Montreal is an incredibly fashionable city. But we're not only stylish, but we're also incredibly diverse, with many influences from around the world.

The Japanese style is incredibly simple, cool and sophisticated.

It's also made with quality in mind, made to be worn time after time. Perfect for your closet staples that'll instantly become your faves.

But don't think that you'll be paying an arm and a leg for your picks. UNIQLO is known for being both stylish and affordable.

It will house collections unique to Montreal.

UNIQLO is known for its distinct styles and its signature brands, like LifeWear, HeatTech and Airism. But the Montreal location is going to have exclusive brands and departments not found anywhere else in Canada.

The RE.UNIQLO section will be dedicated to the company's philanthropic initiatives and will "recycle used garments and redistribute to those in need," according to a news release.

This new location will also be the biggest in Canada.

The Montreal Eaton Centre will join the 13 other UNIQLO storefronts in Canada: eight in the Greater Toronto Area, four in the Greater Vancouver Area and one in the West Edmonton Mall. 

UNIQLO really wants to make Montrealers feel welcome.

UNIQLO isn't just the newest store in town. It's your new neighbour.

In order to connect with locals and really immerse itself in the Montreal way of life, the store will include a reading section for kids filled with books from Montreal bookstores and a flower display by Bell Jar Botanicals, a local floral designer, where guests can purchase from bouquets until November 15.

"We are excited to welcome Montrealers to our new store, to not only enjoy our high quality and functional LifeWear apparel, but to also experience community collaborated areas that are exclusive to this UNIQLO store and not in any of our other stores in Canada," said Yuichiro Kaneko, CEO of UNIQLO Canada.

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