2 Quebec Cities Ranked In The Top 10 Most Liveable Places In Canada

And neither of them is Montreal!
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Most Livable Places In Canada List Includes 2 Quebec Cities

A new survey conducted by Leger and shared by RATESDOTCA has ranked the top 10 most liveable places in Canada and two Quebec cities have placed among the best in the country. 

Residents of Quebec City and Trois-Rivières will be proud to know that they live in two of the most liveable cities in Canada, according to the survey.

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The results of the survey come as other reports indicate that more people are choosing to move out of big cities and into smaller towns.

Among the top 10 most liveable cities in the RATESDOTCA report, only Quebec City, in tenth place, has a metro population of over 500,000.

Trois-Rivières, meanwhile, with its mid-range population of 163,287 and competitive average home price was the third-place city. 

According to the report's authors, "51 percent of Canadians who moved in 2020 due to COVID-19 did so to 'live in an area with more nature' and 36 percent 'felt financial pressure' to find a cheaper home."

"This list shows that there are affordable home options for homebuyers willing and able to broaden their horizons," said Robert McLister, mortgage editor at RATESDOTCA.

Some other cities you might consider moving to? Langford (1) and Kelowna (2) B.C., and Bathhurst, New Brunswick (4) also ranked among the most liveable places in Canada. 

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