A Protest To Shut Down Pornhub Is Happening In Montreal This Friday

Similar protests will be held in London and Los Angeles.
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A Protest To Shut Down Pornhub Is Happening In Montreal This Friday

This Friday, which is the International Day of Non-Violence, locals plan on gathering in front of the Pornhub's Montreal Headquarters to protest the website.

A demonstration was held in Montreal 6 months ago for the same reason, but the site continued to live on afterwards.

The goal of the protest on October 2 is to have Pornhub entirely shut down for "allegedly enabling and profiting from the sex trafficking and rape of women and children, as evidenced by a growing number of public cases."

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Take a stand against these monsters ... Shut it DOWN.

Jenna Jameson

"We are calling for accountability for the Pornhub executives, justice for victims and for this website and company to be shut down. We are also raising awareness of the normalized sexual violence on Pornhub and how it is causing harm to real people and our culture at large," the Facebook event description reads.

Similar protests are also set to take place in Los Angeles and London as well.

Pornhub is a Montreal-based website. A petition to have it shut down was created just under a month ago and it has received over 2.1 million signatures.

Protests continue to be allowed under the Quebec government's red alert protocols, which go into effect as of October 1. Attendees must wear masks and practice social distancing, though.

Protest outside Pornhub/MindGeek HQ Montreal

When: Friday, October 2 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Address: 7777, boul. Décarie, Montreal, QC; Pornhub/MindGeek Headquarters

[rebelmouse-image 26882981 photo_credit="Protest outside Pornhub/MindGeek HQ Montreal | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="960x502"] Protest outside Pornhub/MindGeek HQ Montreal | Facebook

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