Here's What You Need To Know About Quebec's Plan For The Holidays

Legault introduced the official rules for how you can celebrate this holiday season. 🎁
Here's What You Need To Know About Quebec's Plan For The Holidays

In a press conference on November 19, Premier François Legault announced a new "moral contract" for Quebecers and introduced the government's official rules for the holidays.

Legault said family gatherings will be permitted across the province for a four-day period during the holiday season at the end of December.

Employers, schools and daycares will be affected by plans for the holiday season in Quebec

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What about family gatherings?

Legault said families are permitted to gather for the holidays during a four-day period, between December 24, 25, 26 and 27.

Family gatherings should be limited to 10 people, he said.

Family members who plan on gathering for the holiday season should self-isolate or avoid social contact one week before the gathering, as well as one week after seeing their families.

Legault reminded Quebecers to wash their hands frequently during any holiday family gatherings, as well as maintain two-metre social distancing if possible — especially with those more vulnerable to COVID-19.

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What about schools?

Legault announced slightly different measures to restrict COVID-19 for elementary schools, high schools and special needs schools this holiday season in Quebec.  

Schools will close for the winter break on December 17.

However, students will continue to receive their education online until the day the break was originally supposed to begin. And course work will be given to students to complete at home on those days.

"That's only two to four days of online teaching for primary schools," said Legault.

Teachers are expected to be in contact with their students at least once a day, he said.

Elementary schools will resume classes between January 5 and 8, depending on their usual date of reopening.

Winter break for high schools in Quebec will be extended until January 11 to allow for self-isolation after family gatherings.

"It's not a vacation," Legault said. "There will be work given to students [as well as] online teaching."

Special needs schools in Quebec will remain open and will follow their usual holiday schedule.

Daycare services for December 17, 18, 21 and 22 will follow the same rules as elementary schools, and will only be offered to parents who are essential workers in Quebec.

What about businesses and workplaces?

Holiday work parties in Quebec will be prohibited this season.

Legault asked Quebec employers to help their employees as much as possible during the holiday season in order to allow for an opportunity to see their families.

The government is asking Quebec employers to allow their employees to work from home as much as possible, especially one week before family gatherings are permitted, as well as one week after.

This means that for Quebec employees, the government recommends working from home the week of December 14 and the week of December 28. 

However, employers are not obligated by the government to allow their employees to follow these recommendations.

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