Quebec Police Gave Out 90 Tickets To Health Rule-Breakers This Weekend

Police visited over 2,000 bars and restaurants to find them.
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Quebec COVID-19 Rule-Breakers Were The Target Of A Police Operation This Weekend

The Opération Systématisée Comportements À Risque (OSCAR) was a "huge success" according to Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault. The massive police operation that identified Quebec COVID-19 rule-breakers in bars and restaurants surpassed its objectives, visiting 2,206 establishments across the province. 

Officers also issued almost 1,500 warnings in the last week, as well as about 90 tickets. 

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90 Approximate number of tickets issued by police 

The police operation focused on regions under "yellow alert." Many of the citations were related to mask-wearing, social distancing, overcapacity, and serving alcohol after opening hours, the deputy premier explained.

"Our operation has exceeded our goals," said Guilbault. 

"I am concerned about the rise of the contagion in our regions however, I'm confident we can return back to the yellow zone." 

"We can't let a recalcitrant minority ruin the hard work we've been doing these past six months," said Guilbault. 

As of Monday, September 21, Quebec has recorded a cumulative total of 68,128 COVID-19 cases. 

Teddy Elliot
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