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Quebec Is Investing An Additional $110 Million To Revive Music Festivals & Help Artists

The province is making big steps to help the cultural sector.
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Quebec Is Investing An Additional $110 Million To Revive Music Festivals & Help Artists

The Quebec Government just announced yet another huge investment to support and revive the province's cultural activities. The province will inject an additional $110 million to the almost $400 million investment for its cultural activity recovery plan. The plan aims to promote artistic creation, Quebec-grown content, and find new ways of community engagement within the current health context. 

"Your government is today taking an unprecedented step in support of the cultural community, as well as its artists, craftspeople and writers, who have been hit hard by the crisis," said Nathalie Roy, Quebec's Minister of Culture and Communications.

"We will also be there to promote the local talent and works that distinguish us and which will be more than ever a source of pride for Quebecers."

The government will inject $289 million to "ensure a rapid and sustainable resumption of cultural activities" from 2020 to 2021, including today's $110 million investment. 

"Creators will be able to innovate and develop original ways to get in touch with their audience, and the latter will once again be able to appreciate the Quebec talent of which they are proud," said the Ministry.

The province's plan will support various cultural milieus like theatre, film, television, books, circus, dance, music, performing arts, festivals and events, artisan crafts, and more. 

The plan will divide the funds among the following organizations: 

- Film and television ($91.5 million)

- Businesses and cultural organizations ($71.9 million)

- Theatre, dance, circus, and other performing arts ($50.9 million)

- Music ($33.5 million)

- "Giving the cultural community the means to achieve its digital ambitions" ($14 million)

- Promoting Quebec culture ($13 million)

- Artists and writers ($6.5 million)

- Financial assistance to relaunch artistic and cultural festivals ($5.9 million)

- "Documenting the effects of the pandemic on the cultural environment" ($2.2 million)

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The Minister also announced that film and television production studios can resume activities as of June 8, according to the recommended health measures. 

Pre- and post-production studios will be able to resume operations, regardless of the type of production. 

Only film, documentary, drama, theatre, and other similar productions are allowed to proceed with this reopening plan. 

Concert halls, music venues, theatres, and cinemas will also be allowed to reopen on or before June 24, pending evaluation and discussions with the worker's unions of those industries. 

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