Quebec Is Looking Into Letting You See Your BFF Even If You Don't Live Alone

But nothing is decided.
Quebec Is Looking Into Letting You See Your BFF Even If You Don't Live Alone

In a press conference on November 5, Quebec Premier François Legault said the provincial government is considering modifying the rules on private gatherings.

The premier said he asked his team to look into the possibility of relaxing public health restrictions by allowing two people to get together — regardless of whether one of them lives alone.

Legault has clarified that Quebecers can currently visit a person living alone, one at a time. 

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People living alone can already receive one person at a time, I've asked [my team] to evaluate the possibility of allowing meetings between two people in all cases. 

Premier François Legault

In fact, at Thursday's press conference, he encouraged single-person visits and reiterated the need for social contacts among those Quebecers, who he said were at risk of developing mental health issues "because they haven't been able to see other people for a long time." 

Legault also referenced students in CEGEPs and universities who are currently learning via distance education. He said they could be alone during the day, despite some students living with their parents, if their parents are working.

He said the government's rationale behind evaluating one-on-one visits takes into account that young people miss seeing their friends.

However, despite the Direction régionale de santé publique de Montréal's (DRSP) recommendation to reopen certain spaces, Legault reiterated that the government’s stance on keeping restaurants, gyms and concert halls closed is firm.

"If you infect 10 people in one gathering, it becomes exponential. That’s why [...] we’ve chosen to maintain our restrictions. We think the risk of gatherings is too great at this moment," he said.