The Coalition Of Gyms In Quebec Red Zones Will Reopen Despite Legault's Warning

"We are maintaining our position."
The Coalition Of Gyms In Quebec Red Zones Will Reopen Despite Legault's Warning

Despite a warning from Premier François Legault, the 200 members of the coalition of Quebec gyms and fitness centres in red zones plan to reopen on October 29.

At least that's what Idolem Hot Yoga Chaud president Melody Benhamou, who's also a former Olympian, told us.

However, Premier Legault was clear during the press briefing in which he announced the extension of confinement in maximum alert zones: "The law must be respected."

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It is not without fear, of course. But we maintain our position — unless the Premier initiates a dialogue in the meantime.


According to Benhamou, a prolonged closure of gyms and other fitness centres is an "open door to depression" and she insists that care must be taken.

"We're really support structures for our students, and doing it at home is not the same thing," she explained.

On October 5, the provincial government's Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, Isabelle Charest — also a former Olympian — held a press conference in which she stated:

"If there is one person who is convinced of the effectiveness of sport, it's me."

Has the coalition tried to contact Minister Charest? "If you knew," said Benhamou with a sigh.

"She knows how important sport is to mental and physical health. She's an intelligent woman and athletes are tenacious," Benhamou said.

"I can't believe she couldn't deter our Premier."

Benhamou added that the common denominator among athletes is: "Never give up."

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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