Despite the arrival of a winter storm, Quebec's Fred la Marmotte shared an optimistic prediction in the early morning of Groundhog Day 2021. 

Peering into the horizon after being ceremoniously lifted from his little den, Fred predicted an early spring for the weary province.

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Early Spring Fred la Marmotte's Prediction

The event in Val d'Espoir was live-streamed by local station TVCGR.

Overwhelmed by his gift of clairvoyance, Fred relied upon his handler and a mascot in his likeness to share the news with his virtual audience.

Though Fred didn't explicitly mention the pandemic, his handler suggested that the prediction of an early spring could also mean happier, more carefree days ahead.

Premier François Legault is expected to give us a better idea of what that future could look like in an announcement on Tuesday about the next phase of the province's lockdown.