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Quebec Updated Its List Of Red Zone Business Closures

If you go to the mall, don't expect to eat at the food court.
Quebec Updated Its List Of Red Zone Business Closures

On October 1, the Quebec government updated its list of economic sectors that will be affected by new red zone rules and business closures. The closures were implemented as of 12:00 a.m. and will run through October 28.

The closures come in the wake of 933 new COVID-19 cases reported on October 1, bringing the total number of coronavirus cases in Quebec to 75,221.

Bars, restaurants, casinos, theatres and cinemas in Montreal and other regions were among the list of closures published by the government on September 28 — but we now know the restrictions are even tighter.

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"There are Quebecers who are tired of following instructions, but I ask you [to] think of these people [who have died], who are very real."

Premier François Legault, in a press conference on October 1

For the month of October, the following business will be closed in all red zones across Quebec:

  • restaurants and food courts in shopping centres and food stores, except for deliveries, take-outs or drive-through orders;

  • bars and discotheques;

  • microbreweries and distilleries that serve food on-site;

  • casinos;

  • museums, biodomes, planetariums, insectariums, botanical gardens, aquariums and zoos;

  • arcades, amusement centres and parks, as well as water parks;

  • saunas and spas, except for personal care services provided at those locations;

  • libraries outside of educational institutions, except lending desks (this means you can still borrow books);

  • movie theatres and rooms in which performing arts are presented, including venues where the arts are broadcast;

  • and youth hostels.

The government also stipulated that while families can continue to go to parks, they discourage people from going to areas where social distancing is difficult.

"The problem is going to be the [park] games, the swings, etcetera. People are going to line up," said Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec's director of public health, in an October 1 press conference.

You can find information related to red zone restrictions on the Quebec government's website.

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