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Most Of Quebec's COVID-19 Restrictions Will Remain Past February 8, Says Legault

Certain measures may be relaxed, depending on the region.
Most Of Quebec's COVID-19 Restrictions Will Remain Past February 8, Says Legault

Premier François Legault confirmed in a press conference on January 28 that most of Quebec's current COVID-19 restrictions will remain in place past February 8, the original cut-off date for the existing lockdown and curfew

The premier said that while Quebec's COVID-19 situation has improved in recent weeks, hospitalizations are still too high for the majority of provincewide restrictions to be lifted in the coming weeks.

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Due to the situation in hospitals, it is not realistic to think that by February 8, we will reach [patient] levels that will allow us to stop delaying [non-COVID-19] surgeries.

Premier François Legault

"We are going to make certain adjustments. But I want to be very clear, we will have to be realistic," said Legault. 

"Most of the containment measures will remain."

The premier expressed worry over the upcoming spring break in Quebec schools, which led to a surge in COVID-19 cases at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

He urged Quebecers not to travel during the vacation period. 

"I want to send a message to those who may be preparing [for their] kids' vacations," he said.

"We can't imagine a person of 65 years or older, during the school break, in a chalet with people they don't live with." 

Legault said the government will announce more details next week, likely one week in advance of February 8.

He said the relaxation or continuation of public health measures will be determined by region.

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