Everything You Need To Know About The Return Of Indoor Sports & Fitness Across Quebec

Reunited (with gyms) and it feels so good.
Everything You Need To Know About The Return Of Indoor Sports & Fitness Across Quebec

The time has finally come! Gyms are reopening in Montreal as of March 26 — but that's not all that's happening. The provincial government released its plan for the return of indoor sports & fitness activities across Quebec

Here's what you need to know.

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Sports in Quebec red zones

In Quebec red zones, all indoor facilities will open, including fitness centres, according to a March 12 announcement by Minister of Education Isabelle Charest.

Training alone, in pairs or with occupants of the same private residence will be allowed as of March 26.

Training and fitness centres in Quebec will be required to keep a log of everyone who comes through.

Red-zone residents will also be able to continue practicing outdoor sports with a group of up to eight people from different households, or between members of the same household, as they do now.

Extracurricular activities will be permitted in "stable class groups" in Quebec schools as of March 15.

Sports in Quebec orange zones

In orange zones, indoor fitness classes and group activities will be able to be held with a group of up to eight people beginning March 26.

Two-metre social distancing in group classes must be respected at all times, regardless of the type of activity and the area in which it is practiced.

The limit for outdoor group activities will also be increased to up to 12 people from different households. 

As of March 15, extracurricular activities and school field trips will be allowed in "stable class groups."

As of March 26, students from different "stable class groups" will be able to participate in intra-school extracurricular activities without contact and with the same rules as other activities.

However, there will be no "inter-school" games or activities, meaning students from different schools cannot compete against each other. 

Team sports & public health regulations

For now, sports teams outside of intra-school contexts will not be permitted to resume their activities.

Recreational sports in colleges and universities are permitted but have to comply with public health regulations for their respective zone colour.

There cannot be spectators for any indoor or outdoor activities, and all organized indoor sports activities need to have a designated "supervisor" who makes sure public health regulations are being followed.

Quebecers who need support, such as those with disabilities or children under 10 years old, can be accompanied by a person living at the same address to participate in an activity.

In both orange and red zones, only the changing rooms used for aquatic activities will be accessible — so don't count on using gym locker rooms any time soon. 

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