Some Montreal Leaves Are Already Changing Colours & Here's Why It May Be Happening

We asked Environment Canada what's up with the yellow leaves in August.

Some Trees In Montreal Appear To Already Be Changing Colours (PHOTO)

If you feel like we've barely had a summer this year, you're not alone — to the point where one Reddit user, Eddy Habib, noticed that it looks like some trees in Montreal have leaves turning yellow quite a bit earlier than usual.

Habib posted a photo on the "ASKMTL" thread, along with the question: "Is it normal for leaves to start turning yellow in august?"

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This picture was taken around 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 14 and Habib said they were rather shocked by what they saw. "I recently moved to Montreal and always hear about how beautiful Fall is around here. I just didn't know I'd get an early sneak peek in the hottest month of the year," they told MTL Blog.

MTL Blog reached out to Environment Canada to see what's up with the yellow leaves in August and meteorologist Simon Legault had a few hypotheses.

The health of the trees one sees in the photo could also be at play. When trees are "close to dying," their leaves may begin to change colours, according to Legault.

Legault claimed another possibility is that the "drafts" Montreal experienced this spring, during trees' growing season, made the climate very dry and could be causing leaves to change colours faster than in years past.

But, the meteorologist pointed out that all tree species are different and all may react differently to experiencing a dry growing season.

Legault left our conversation on a high note, saying we shouldn't worry because "this doesn't mean that fall is already here and everything will change colour in the next week."

"That's not what we expect."