Montreal Is Under A Smog Warning Because Of Smoke From The Fires In Ontario

The smoke from western Ontario has reached all the way to Quebec and beyond.

Montreal Is Under A Smog Warning Due To Ontario Fire Smoke
Vlad Ghiea | Dreamstime

Environment Canada has issued smog warnings for much of southern Quebec, including the Montreal area, due to smoke from fires in western Ontario.

It recommends that asthmatic children and people with respiratory issues or heart disease avoid strenuous outdoor activity.

Environment Canada anticipates "the air quality will improve gradually today."

The forecast from FireSmoke Canada, a resource supported by provincial and the federal governments that provides "information and resources about smoke from wildland fires," shows particulates from the current Ontario, British Columbia and northwestern U.S. fires spreading across the continent.

Its online map shows smoke clearing from Montreal skies by Wednesday evening.

The Tuesday forecast from Environment Canada also shows a chance of rain and thunderstorms.

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