St-Hubert vs Ma Poule Mouillée — Which Montreal Restaurant Does Rotisserie Chicken Better?

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A man holding up a Ma Poule Mouillée takeaway bag, Right: A stack of Rotisserie St-Hubert BBQ boxes.

A man holding up a Ma Poule Mouillée takeaway bag, Right: A stack of Rotisserie St-Hubert BBQ boxes.

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Some might argue that poutine, smoked meat or bagels are Montreal’s true claim to fame but it seems we’ve all forgotten about one dish that hits every. single. time. Chicken. Rotisserie chicken, to be a matter of fact.

Rotisserie chicken is just as much a staple throughout the 514 — with countless family-run spots and chains that stretch across the province. So, when it came down to narrowing down the best of the best, only two restaurants came to mind: Ma Poule Mouillée and St-Hubert BBQ.

Since its opening back in 2013, Ma Poule Mouillée has been serving up delectable Portuguese chicken; receiving endless praise and rave reviews — so adding this to the must-try chicken list was a no-brainer. As for St-Hubert? The iconic Quebec staple is one that most folks who grew up here are familiar with. Chicken, fries, coleslaw and gravy, what more can you ask for, right?

But which of the two does rotisserie chicken better? I took into consideration the cost, taste and overall presentation of both chicken dishes and one was a clear winner.

Ma Poule Mouillée

I started off at Ma Poule Mouillée and turns out, I started off big. As you enter the restaurant, the aroma immediately hits you, allowing the dining experience to fully begin as it excites the senses.

While I love myself a Ma Poule Mouillée poutine, I went for the Le Louis Cyr, which comes with a half chicken, French fries, and a salad. I wasted no time before digging in.

Up first? The chicken! Juicy and succulent, but damn that spice blend they use is unreal. The French fries were also crispy on the outside and steamy on the inside. Oh, and not to mention they're hand-cut-style, which is my absolute favourite.

Although I don't normally get my hopes up too much for a side salad — the mix of greens, red onions, tomato and house dressing was a combo that tied the meal together brilliantly.

While the meal was unforgettable, I still had a rubric to follow and scores to give. The chicken, fries and salad earned a solid 5/5 for flavour. Any chicken that can be eaten as is with no additional side sauce or spice, is golden.

As for cost, the meal was $18 tax included. For the portion you get and the quality of the taste, that's one heck of a good deal…5/5!

And lastly, presentation. Sure, it was a messy set-up, but this is definitely a spot where the food speaks for itself, so a little mess never hurt anybody.


Next up, St-Hubert. I went on over to the St-Hubert on Saint-Hubert, 'cause why not!

As for the meal? It was the same deal. Half a chicken, French fries, and salad, or in this case, creamy coleslaw. The meal is also accompanied by a piece of bread and BBQ sauce.

The chicken was bomb. Juicy, tender and tasty. The fries aren't my favourite cut, but they still got the job done. I mean, you can't really go wrong with a French fry, right? And as for the coleslaw? Delicious! It definitely offered up a crunchy and crispy texture to the meal.

St-Hubert hack: Grab your piece of bread, toss in a few pieces of chicken, and a couple of fries, fold it up and dip it in BBQ sauce for a lil do-it-yourself moist maker sandwich. If you know, you know.

Alright! When it comes down to giving St-Hubert a score, the chicken, Fries and 'slaw earned the rotisserie chicken spot a solid 4/5. Although the chicken pleased my taste buds, it needs a bit of ketchup or gravy at times to really give it that WOW factor.

The cost? $19.55. A tad bit more expensive than Ma Poule Mouillée, but still decent considering the portion. 4/5.

As for presentation — 5/5. St-Hubert has got that down to a science. Everything was neatly organized and separate, making the dining experience a simple and delicious one.

If we tally up the scores, Ma Poule Mouillée is our clear winner, but not by much! While it's a must-try, there is only one in Montreal, so if you can't get your hands on some Portuguese chicken goodness, St-Hubert is easily your next best bet.

Bon appétit!

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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