I Tried Billy K’s Downtown Montreal Location & Five Guys Better Watch Out

Talk about a JUICY burger! 🍔

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A person eating at Billy K's in Montreal, Right: A Billy Burger from Billy K's.

A person eating at Billy K's in Montreal, Right: A Billy Burger from Billy K's.

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Montreal's burger game is decent, solid even — especially when you're looking to satisfy your late-night bite craving with a fat and juicy burger. Five Guys, La Belle Province and Notre-Boeuf-de-Grâce are a few classic faves for when you're feeling a little naughty, but it's worth adding a new resto on the block to your list: Billy K's.

The Canadian fast-food chain first started in Cornwall, Ontario (yes, Cornwall) and has since expanded into Quebec with locations in Saint-Leonard, Vaudreuil-Dorion and a brand new spot on rue Ste. Catherine Est only minutes away from the main UQAM buildings.

The menu, which consists of burgers, poutines, wraps, tacos and more, is huge and appeared to tick off all the burger-joint must-haves — but how does it hold up to other top burger spots in Montreal? I decided to find out.

The restaurant itself is bright and spacious and has seating for large groups, tables for two and loads of stools for a solo visit. I arrived a little after 7:30 p.m. and it was still bustling.

Now, I am the type who studies a menu before showing up at the restaurant, so I already knew what I wanted to order. I opted for the Billy Burger — because how could I not get the classic Billy K's Billy Burger? Add to that the mushroom and swiss burger, a Philly cheese steak wrap, a side of fries, and a Fringle.

"What tf is a Fringle?" one might ask. Okay, let me put you on something life-changing real quick. A poutine served with your standard cheese, gravy and fries, but toss in some onion rings too and you've got yourself a Billy K's Fringle.

I went for the Billy Burger first and I suspected I was in for a good burger when it was practically impossible to pick up. Made with two succulent beef patties, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles all between a sesame bun — the Billy Burger was giving Big Mac vibes without the "what am I really eating?" question we all ask ourselves at McDonald's.

The real winner? The beef patties. Cooked to about a medium, the burgers are thinly formed and pack much more juice than you'd expect. Put two of them together and you're in for a mouth-wateringly messy time.

Next up was the mushroom and swiss burger. This burger could cure a broken heart, okay? Billy K doesn't skimp out on the swiss. The cheese is everywhere. I am talking about dripping from all sides kinda everywhere.

The mushrooms were also grilled to a gorgeous crisp and complemented the two patties (yes, two beef patties) brilliantly. The cherry on top? The bacon. The buttery and salty flavours tied the entire burger together for what I can only describe as a moment of sensory overload.

As I was in burger heaven, I dabbled in the Fringle a little bit, and I have no words. Literally. For an Ontario-based fast food restaurant, its gravy was surprisingly delicious, and the cut of the fries is perfect for a standard poutine — crispy on the outside and steamy on the inside. As for the generous amount of onion rings? They were delectable. Greasy, crunchy and the onions wouldn't slip out. What more can you ask for?

The Philly cheese steak was just alright. It served its purpose and gets the job done for when you're in the mood for a wrap, but there was a bit too much lettuce for my liking — although the cheese and steak bit of the wrap was quite palatable.

Overall verdict? This spot just might give places like Five Guys a run for its money — down to the cajun fries.

Bon appétit, Montreal.

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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