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Molson Export Found Some Of The Montreal Canadiens' Biggest Fans & Here’s How They Celebrated Them

These Habs fans are the real ones!
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Molson Export Found Some Of The Montreal Canadiens' Biggest Fans & Here’s How They Celebrated Them

There are many things that make hockey such a widely loved sport, and the fans are near the top of the list. That's especially true of the Habs, who have a diehard fan base renowned for the passion and excitement they bring season after season. 

It's true that Montreal Canadiens fans are always behind their team, and in the playoffs, the crowd — often referred to as "the seventh player" — gives the home team a massive boost.  These are the fans Molson Export (fan and proud Canadiens partner) has been celebrating all year with their Here's to the Real Ones campaign. 

COVID-19 restrictions have prevented Molson Export from getting fans inside the Bell Centre, so instead, they found another way to get the fans behind their beloved team for the Habs' first home game of the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Hosted on social media, Molson Export ran a contest that allowed Habs fans to show their support for the team, and get the chance to have their name featured on the Molson Export banner, displayed behind the players sitting on the bench.

What better way is there to celebrate the fans than letting them do what they do best: showing the Habs they are behind them as they go for their 25th Stanley Cup in franchise history?

Just take Jessica Landry and Christina Spencer. These great friends and true Habs fans were two winners who had their names featured side by side on the Molson Export banner. What qualified them as diehard fans? If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a tattoo speaks infinitely! Talk about being forever fans. 

[rebelmouse-image 26878122 photo_credit="Courtesy of Molson Export" expand=1 original_size="573x445"] Courtesy of Molson Export

Husband and wife Nirav and Sonia (Masand) Patel submitted their wedding photos, showing off their wedding hashtag, #tequilaklipze, printed on the back of an official Habs jersey. It was showcased at their wedding parade, where they also repped their favourite player.

[rebelmouse-image 26878123 photo_credit="Courtesy of Molson Export" expand=1 original_size="1440x962"] Courtesy of Molson Export

Long-time fan Olivier St-Cyr told his story of being introduced to the Habs by his father. He's remained a loyal fan ever since, cheering on the Canadiens every single year. It's this story that won him his name on the Molson Export banner.

"It's during the hard times that you recognize the real ones," said Olivier, referring to being the true Habs fan that he is. Olivier submitted a photo of himself with a Molson Export in anticipation of seeing his name behind his favourite team and saying "ready for the game!" — now that's a true fan.

[rebelmouse-image 26878124 photo_credit="Courtesy of Molson Export" expand=1 original_size="480x480"] Courtesy of Molson Export

Dedication of this calibre from the likes of Landry, Spencer, the Patels and St-Cyr is what puts Montreal Canadiens fans in a league of their own. It's legendary, and it's what makes the Habs' fan base one of most recognizable in the NHL.

To learn more about the Montreal Canadiens, check out their website and Molson Export's website, or follow Molson Export on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.