The Montreal SPCA Shared 3 Touching Animal Stories From 2020 That'll Bring You To Tears

The happy stories we all desperately needed to hear!
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The Montreal SPCA Shared 3 Touching Animal Stories From 2020 That'll Bring You To Tears

It may feel like 2020 was filled with sadness and despair, but there were some happy stories, too. Especially from the Montreal SPCA.

The organization, which is dedicated to the physical and mental well-being of all animals, has been working tirelessly to save, nurture and care for animals and help them find their forever homes.

The Montreal SPCA is not only beneficial to animals but to owners, too. Each story of adoption is helping people add some love to their family and, in return, giving these animals once in a lifetime chances.

Here are some of the most heart-warming of the year.

But be warned: some of these are total tear-jerkers...

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A 5-year-old guinea pig found a new best friend.

[rebelmouse-image 26882001 photo_credit="SPCA" expand=1 original_size="438x447"] SPCA

Rover was a five-year-old guinea pig who was given the chance of a lifetime when he found not only the most amazing owners to take care of his declining health, but his new best friend, Mars, the owner's other guinea pig.

After the passing of their other guinea pig, it was decided that Mars needed a new little companion to keep him company, so his owner reached out to the Montreal SPCA. The organization said that Rover was the only male available, but would come with some health issues.

"I went to visit him at the SPCA anyway, and I promised myself I wouldn’t impulsively take him home, but I fell in love with him right away, and that’s what I did," said the owner.

Although it took some time for Mars to warm up to his fellow guinea pig, the two eventually became absolute besties and were totally inseparable.

Unfortunately, despite all of the love from Mars and its owner, the difficult decision was made to say goodbye to Rover due to his condition.

But the last three months of his life were made so wonderful and his quality of life was exceptional, according to the vets, with thanks to his fur-ever home and his best friend fur-ever, Mars.

A litter of kittens that were left outside in a box found their new forever homes.

[rebelmouse-image 26882002 photo_credit="SPCA" expand=1 original_size="590x575"] SPCA

A family found a box of six three-week-old kittens in a box outside of their house with no mother. They took them straight to the SPCA, who said that this is actually more common than one may think, especially in the spring and summer.

Thanks to the Mary Phelan Neonatal Program, a program dedicated to helping foster families of orphaned kittens give the nourishment and TLC that kittens need to get ready for adoption, the babies were taken care of, especially George, who needed a little extra love to help with feeding.

After two months, the six kitties had gained enough weight and were ready to move in with their new families.

George and his brother Fred found a family that was willing to take in the two inseparable siblings.

Brotous and Dixie were each adopted by their respective foster families.

And Lou and Brodie will be moving to a new home, too.

A happy ending for everyone!

A kitty was reunited with his owners after over a year.

[rebelmouse-image 26882003 photo_credit="SPCA" expand=1 original_size="473x494"] SPCA

As a pet parent, one of the worst feelings is when your pet goes missing and you think they're gone forever.

Did you know that the SPCA is dedicated to reuniting lost pets and their owners? Since January, the organization has reunited over 380 animals and their families, like Finn.

The cat was brought in this week by a woman who had seen him wandering around her neighbourhood and thought he may not have a home.

Thankfully, Finn was microchipped and the SPCA was able to get his owners' information and reunited them after over a year.

Finn had apparently gone missing in September 2019 and has travelled quite the journey from Île-Perrot down to Lachine.

The things he must have seen!

His owner said that being reunited with him is the best Christmas gift ever.

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