The Montreal Weather Forecast Predicts Sunny Skies & Up To 19 C Next Week

Typical Montreal: snow one week, summer weather the next...

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People at Montreal's Mount Royal lookout.

People at Montreal's Mount Royal lookout.

Montreal weather may have been rather shitty this week, but like they say in Annie, "The sun'll come out tomorrow."

And in our case, it'll be out for five days straight starting on Friday! So, you can start to prepare yourself for a sunny weekend in Montreal.

On April 29, The Weather Network is only predicting a high of 12 degrees, but still a sunny day. Then one degree warmer the following day.

The please-let-me-go-outside temperatures start on Sunday, when sunny skies and a high of 15 degrees are expected.

Then on Monday, we'll finally have a day where jackets aren't necessary, since the Montreal weather forecast is anticipating a whopping 19 degrees to start off next week. Tuesday will then drop to 18 degrees — no complaining here.

Wednesday will be the day to break the sunny streak, with rain and clouds expected.

Typical Montreal: snow one week, summer weather the next...

If you're wondering what we can expect weather-wise for the rest of spring, the Farmers' Almanac Quebec spring weather predictions for 2022 say May will start off nice and sunny, but the month is predicted to be rather stormy, so don't put away your rainboots anytime soon.

As for June, the month is expected to be a solid mix of rainy and squally.

Weather in southern Quebec could get rather chaotic between June 20 and 23, when we could see "dangerous thunderstorms capable of producing hail, high winds and even an isolated tornado or two sweep across the region."

But, by Saint-Jean, we should be looking at some warm weather.

Then on June 21, summer officially begins!

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Alanna Moore
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