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Your Official Montreal Tam-Tams Survival Pack

Everything you need to bring to Mount Royal Park on a Sunday.
Your Official Montreal Tam-Tams Survival Pack

Montrealers are anxiously awaiting the return of warm weather and sunshine-filled Sundays in Mount Royal park... and if you have to ask why then you're clearly not from around here. Tam-Tams — the weekly meetup of drummers, dancers, picnickers, and stoners — is a Montreal tradition for good reason. 

If you've never been to Tam-Tams before or you've taken a long pandemic hiatus, don't worry. We have you covered! We've created this packing list of all the essentials you need to bring with you for a good time at Tam-Tams

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Your favourite SAQ beverages

Hot summer days in Montreal wouldn't be complete without a cold bottle of white wine or your favourite pre-packaged mixed cocktail.

We recommend some ice-cold Moscato but you also can't go wrong with a White Claw.

Unlike in the rest of Canada, it is legal to drink alcohol in a Montreal park with a meal. So don't forget food to go along with your beverages.

A bottle opener

A bottle-opener or wine-opener should be right at the top of your list of Tam-Tams essentials. There's nothing worse than showing up to Mount Royal park with your cold wine or bubbly and not being able to open it.

Pro tip: We've heard you can use the sole of a hard shoe to open a bottle of wine if you're in a bind.

A cozy blanket

A blanket is a necessity for a day at a park in Montreal.

Use it to lounge, tan, and protect yourself from whatever lurks on the ground below. The bigger the blanket, the cozier the summer day.

Your favourite snacks

Sunday Tam-Tams in the park wouldn't be complete without a great outdoor brunch or your own version of tapas.

Grab some brunch to-go, takeout from a local restaurant for a picnic , or stop by your local grocery shop for olives, warm bread, and Miss Vickie's chips before heading over to the park.

Trash and/or compost bags

Like all public spaces, keep Montreal parks clean by disposing of your trash or compost in your own bags.

Not only does it make the lives of our beloved city workers easier, but it's also important to protect natural environments by doing your part to keep them free of litter.

Great company

If you're keen on taking yourself out on a date, we're all for it — being alone is great! However, in Montreal, Tam-Tams represents an unofficial tradition of getting together and enjoying a sunny day with fellow Montrealers.

Some great friends and fam will make your warm summer day all the more memorable.

Comfortable clothes

Wear comfortable clothes to Tam-Tams.

You may spontaneously decide to join a drum circle. And, even if you don't, we assure you that lounging on a blanket all day in tight jeans can test your patience.

The more comfortable your outfit, the longer you'll last at Tam-Tams, which is the best way to make the most of the day.

Bonus points for looking bright, colourful and hippy-esque.

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