The Pandemic Hair Journeys Of Key Quebec Officials Reveal So Much

From Arruda to Trudeau and Legault, hair transformations speak volumes.
The Pandemic Hair Journeys Of Key Quebec Officials Reveal So Much

Canadian figureheads have struggled with managing the COVID-19 virus while facing backlash — and the pandemic hair journeys of Justin Trudeau, Premier François Legault and other local politicians tell us everything we need to know about what they've been going through. 

With mass closures of barbershops and hair salons in Quebec, getting a haircut has never been harder, so we can't judge anyone's hair too harshly. But that doesn't mean we can't take a closer look. 

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Premier Legault, the face of the pandemic in Quebec, has always maintained his signature coiffed hairstyle — a look he managed to keep intact even as salons closed.

How? By enlisting the help of his wife, Isabelle Brais. 

As Narcity Québec pointed out, Brais tried her hand at cutting Premier Legault's hair on May 4, which you can see in the photo on the left. 

She may have grown tired of the task by the photo on the right, taken on December 15, where you can see the re-growth.

Is it just us or can you also spot more grey hairs by December? We wouldn't be surprised.

François Legault | Facebook François Legault | Facebook

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's luscious locks have been a hot topic throughout his governance, Trudeau seemed less stressed from one day to the next at the height of the pandemic in June, going from shaggy to clean-cut between the 15 and 16.

Someone drop his barber's IG handle!

Justin Trudeau – Premier ministre du Canada | YouTube Justin Trudeau – Premier ministre du Canada | YouTube

Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault managed to keep her locks looking sleek and styled, but seems to feel the same pain as the rest of the province in not being able to get a haircut.

Guilbault went from short #girlboss bob on June 22 to longer hair, perpetually tied in a ponytail as of early January. 

genevieve.guilbault | Instagram genevieve.guilbault | Instagram,

Quebec's Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda arguably went through the most drastic pandemic hair journey, albeit by no fault of his own.

Under fire for his weird rap dance, his new communications coach and being pranked into thinking Xavier Dolan wanted him to star in a pandemic-themed movie, Dr. Arruda has had one heck of a year.

Look at the difference between March 13 on the left and January 28 on the right.

François Legault | Facebook François Legault | Facebook

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé seemed to undergo a total hair transformation this year, from shoulder-length chestnut locks to much scarcer salt and pepper. 

François Legault | Facebook François Legault | Facebook

We're just kidding — the photo on the left shows former Health Minister Danielle McCann, who Dubé replaced during a cabinet shuffle in June.

Dubé's hairstyle hasn't changed one bit throughout the year — if nothing else, at least we can count on Dubé's head for some consistency right now.