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The STM Is Planning To Build More Reserved Bus Lanes In Montreal

There are also plans to increase the number of buses.

The STM Is Planning To Build More Reserved Bus Lanes In Montreal

The STM has unveiled its new plan to build more reserved bus lanes by 2025.

A collaboration with the City of Montreal, the plan will "translate into a series of measures to improve bus service on strategic axes of the Island of Montreal over the coming years," according to a press release.

Vision 2025 : un nouveau réseau structurant, fort et

"We want Montrealers everywhere to have access to efficient, fast and frequent transportation services a few steps from their home or place of work," Mayor Valérie Plante said in the release.

"This strategy, which aims to increase the number of buses, reserved lanes and preferential measures for buses, will ensure smoother, faster and more reliable journeys by 2025."

The action plan is split into two parts: "improvement of the regular network" and "implementation of specific measures on targeted structuring axes," the STM says.

First, the STM will continue improving its existing structures by adding more reserved lanes and priority traffic lights "in sensitive sectors during peak periods."

"The emphasis will be placed on the establishment of reserved lanes on strategic axes in order to support employment sectors, developing sectors, the reduction of overcrowding and mitigation measures during major works," the company explained.

Finally, the STM will explore ways to develop more reserved lanes in targeted sectors. Intended to be complementary to the metro, these reserved lanes will be distinctive and provide reserved bus service 24/7.

"These scalable measures may not only include the establishment of reserved lanes with extended off-peak time slots, but also the development of RBS [rapid bus service] type infrastructure."

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