Montreal's REM Voice Is Up To A Public Vote

Montreal's REM (Réseau express métropolitain) has opened a public vote to determine the voice of on-board announcements along the forthcoming 67-kilometre light-rail network.

The REM lists three options on its website, each offering an example of a station, metro connection, terminus and departure announcement, along with calls to clear the doors and move into train cars.

La voix du REM - Faites votre choix!

Announcement voices are, of course, central to a transit system's brand identity and relationship to its customers.

In Montreal, the iconic voice of Michèle Deslauriers has defined the STM metro in the 21st century and become a characteristic of life in the city. Ask any metro rider and they'll be able to recite her messages and replicate her tone.

So well-known is Deslauriers' voice that the STM even featured her in a 2018 campaign to reduce customer-related service delays.

The REM will consist of three light-rail lines connecting the North and South Shores, downtown Montreal, West Island and Montreal-Trudeau airport.

The first segment, from Brossard to the Gare Centrale, is scheduled to begin service in 2022.