This Cute (Creepy?) Boat Is Coming To Montreal, & Probably Your Nightmares, This Summer

The 65-foot life-sized reproduction of Canada's beloved 'Theodore Tugboat' is stopping by.

You may have heard about Theodore Too, the 65-foot life-sized replica of beloved Canadian television show character Theodore Tugboat, which cruises around the Great Lakes making stops across the country.

Luckily — or unluckily, depending on how cute or creepy you think he is —  Theodore's next stops are at ports across Quebec, including Montreal. And you can go take photos from the water's edge and in ports, COVID-19 protocols permitting. 

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The stops are part of Theodore's Great Lakes tour, since the tugboat is an ambassador for the Great Lakes and marine industry.

As part of his sustainability efforts in collaboration with Swim Drink Fish, Theodore is aiming to collect 100,000 watermarks over the next year for the Watermark Project, which collects personal stories of people on their local waterways.

The idea is to "help researchers identify waters where people swim, drink, or fish, so that those uses can be protected in the future while building a legacy of connecting Canadians to the water." 

Theodore Too is expected to arrive in Montreal on June 27. The exact location will be provided closer to his arrival.