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There's A Whole Seaside Castle For Sale In Quebec's Gaspésie Region & It's A Bargain

Bargain castle for sale in a re-moat location.
There's A Whole Seaside Castle For Sale In Quebec's Gaspésie Region & It's A Bargain

Perched above the Baie-des-Chaleurs near the village of Escuminac, among the rolling hills of Quebec’s Gaspésie region, this sprawling 300-acre estate comes with a 16-bedroom wooden castle, two libraries, a grand banquet hall, and watchtowers.

And at an asking price of just $650,000, it's a castle that even a paper bag princess can afford.

“Château Bahia is unique due to its architecture above all,” said real estate broker François Renaud. “Moreover, the view over the bay and the immensity of the forest terrain are an asset.”

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$650,000 Asking price for this castle in Gaspésie

Proprietor Jean Roussy built the structure, called Château Bahia, in stages between 1983 and 1999 and operated it as an auberge from May to October, according to a description of the property provided by Renaud.

The castle boasts unique features, like the owner's personal tower, which comes with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a library, and a number of turrets — to fend off attacking armies, presumably.

Le Groupe Renaud | RE/MAX

It also comes with access to the beautiful coastline of the Baie-des-Chaleurs.

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After a quick dip in the sea, you can head to the great hall, crack open your favourite cask of ale and chill like the seigneurs and seigneuresses of old Quebec.

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The estate also includes an abandoned hundred-year-old sugar shack in the woods and a separate residence with a kitchen, dining room, bedrooms and a large dormitory, as it was once a youth hostel.

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All the buildings come fully furnished and the kitchens in the castle and house are fully equipped with crockery and cutlery.

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And if you’re looking for a real estate investment opportunity, “seasonal room rentals to vacationers can bring in over $120,000 annually,” reads the description.

“The possibilities of developments are great and leave room for imagination,” it continues.

“For example, by exploiting twelve months of the year and thus attract snowmobilers in the winter.”

Bargain Castle, Gaspé

Price: $650,000

Address: 152, boulevard Perron, Escuminac, Quebec

Description: Competitively-priced wooden castle with 16 bedrooms and six bathrooms perched above the beautiful Baie-des-Chaleurs in Gaspé.

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