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This Full-Service Downtown Montreal Apartment Building Is Housing Goals

It's got its own game room, dog park, yoga studio, and more!
This Full-Service Downtown Montreal Apartment Building Is Housing Goals

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that finding ways to enjoy ourselves at home is super important. After all, we eventually run out of banana bread and sourdough recipes. The era of social distancing and mass business closures definitely highlighted the need to treat ourselves to life's little (and big) luxuries.

BRiX apartments in downtown Montreal make this easier than ever with their building loaded with one-of-a-kind amenities.  

[rebelmouse-image 26884350 photo_credit="BRiX MTL" expand=1 original_size="2250x1500"] BRiX MTL

You might be asking, "What makes this building special?" The quick answer: so very much. BRiX isn't just a full-service gem for tenants (psst: that means you!). More importantly, it prides itself on always striving to foster a sense of community. Through the many BRiX activities, your neighbours basically become one huge family to you. Feeling like you're a part of something tight-knit? We could all use a little more of that after being apart the past few months.

If you're looking for apartments to rent in Montreal, then this is a must-see. Not only is BRiX one of the only locations in the city to offer concierge services, but the building is also decked out with awesome features to help you live your best life — all while forming long-lasting connections, of course. 

Rooftop pool? Check. Dog run? Check. So, if you want to rent an apartment in Montreal and indulge yourself in quality living, look no further.

[rebelmouse-image 26884351 photo_credit="BRiX MTL " expand=1 original_size="2250x1500"] BRiX MTL

The building believes in supporting its tenants in all matters. When it came to the pandemic, they definitely stepped up to the plate to showcase their commitment. From food delivery services to keep residents connected to local businesses, to scheduled virtual game nights, BRiX was the glue that held residents together.

To this day, they continue to adhere to social-distancing recommendations (not to mention diligent sanitization of all areas). Since the space hosts a variety of events to encourage a sense of community, this is definitely a helpful feature. Even before COVID-19, safety has always been a top priority at BRiX. They've got security cameras and use strict FOB access to ensure everyone's security. 

[rebelmouse-image 26884352 photo_credit="BRiX MTL " expand=1 original_size="1500x1000"] BRiX MTL

BRiX apartments are the epitome of high-tech. Each suite includes all appliances, along with heating, air conditioning, hot water (and basically anything else you can think of). This is especially remarkable since these gorgeous apartments start as low as $1300/month. 

The building promotes shared spaces — something we could all benefit from during this era of social isolation. Seriously, it has over 20,000 square feet of amenities.

Of course, physical distancing and sterilization are always adhered to. This lets residents enjoy impressive spots like the beautiful terrace and futuristic sky lounge in utter comfort. 

[rebelmouse-image 26884353 photo_credit="BRiX MTL " expand=1 original_size="3264x1752"] BRiX MTL

If you're more about the indoors, then you'll definitely love the sauna, yoga room, and massive workout space (it's actually the biggest apartment-based gym in the city). Down to relax instead? Check out the cinema (comfy PJs and slippers encouraged!) and game room. BRiX even curates specialty events and exhibits for its tenants' enjoyment. Its ultimate goal is to make you feel like the entire building is basically your home.

Feel like heading out on the town? BRiX offers business discounts throughout the city to make your daily life that much better. Basically, you get to reap the benefits of being a BRiXTER every day, whether you're at home or exploring the city.

[rebelmouse-image 26884354 photo_credit="BRiX MTL " expand=1 original_size="3256x2160"] BRiX MTL

At BRiX, not only do you get the chance to build friendships, but it comes with tons of perks too. You can rent a bike or get your car washed, plus take advantage of cleaning and handyman services. This is as close to luxury living as it gets.

And, let's face it, after everything the world just went through, you deserve something amazing. Treat yourself to the ultimate lifestyle and embrace downtown living in a new and exciting way. 

Ready to be part of the BRiX family? Schedule your viewing on their website today. Find out more exciting details about the apartments here, and follow BRiX on Instagram and Facebook for updates.