This Montreal Café Serves You Dessert On Mini Ferris Wheels

It's a dreamland for chocolate lovers!
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This Montreal Café Serves You Dessert On Mini Ferris Wheels

Good news for all you chocoholic non-believers out there — heaven exists! And you'll find it on rue Sherbrooke est. As its name suggests, Holy Choco is a holy place when it comes to all things chocolate — and it's blessing Montreal chocolate lovers with epic desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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Into Belgian waffles? Holy Choco's are monstrous, and piled high with classic toppings like fruit and ice-cream as well as more extravagant options like creamy cookie butter, Kinder Bueno curls, brownie bites and chocolate muffin crumbs.

You can also get Waffle Bites, which are basically the tater tots of Belgian waffles — cut up into bite-sized pieces, super easy to eat with a toothpick and drizzled, of course, with Belgian chocolate. 

If homemade French crêpes are more your thing, Holy Choco has you covered.

Crêpes range from traditional — a simple Nutella — to Holy Choco Overdose, which the menu describes as "topped with all four of our signature Belgian chocolates, brownie pieces, Choux pastry, and banana. Sprinkled with chopped nuts and rice cereal and served with vanilla ice cream."

But what makes Holy Choco unique is the creative ways they serve their tasty treats.

The Sushi Crêpe for instance — "tropical flavors of ripe banana wrapped inside a freshly made crepe" — is cut into sushi shapes and served with chopsticks.

The Fettucine Crêpe is "a thin crepe cut into delicate ribbons."

And the marshmallow skewers are just what they sound like.

Then there's the brownie sandwich: two brownies filled with strawberries, banana slices and chocolate mousse, topped with Belgian chocolates.

If your mind isn't already blown, get ready for the pièce de résistance: The Holy Wheel.

The Holy Wheel is a customizable Ferris Wheel full of your favourite treats to dip in chocolate — whether fruit, muffin pieces, marshmallows, waffle bites or brownie squares.

Plus it comes with two varieties of melted Belgian chocolate for said dipping.

It's fondue meets funhouse — and could only have been thought up by true chocolate-loving geniuses.

There's a reason for the angel wings on Holy Choco's wall — this chocolate is to die for!

Holy Choco

Address: 366, rue Sherbrooke E., Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate — served in fun and exciting new ways

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