This Montreal Company's Jars Of Edible Brownie Batter Are Like A Childhood Dream Come True

A major sugar rush coming your way.
This Montreal Company's Jars Of Edible Brownie Batter Are Like A Childhood Dream Come True

It's pretty hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy digging into sweet treats every now and again. Throughout our awesome city, you can dive into a ton of mouthwatering goodies including tasty macaroons, unique ice cream flavours, and even Doritos donuts. Chocoholics get excited because I'm about to tell you about a Montreal company that's about to become your new obsession.

Blissful Brownies is a local company that makes some of the sweetest treats you've ever encountered.

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This includes edible brownie batter that'll have all of your senses tingling with joy with every bite you take.

Each of these batters will cost you $10, which is a very reasonable price for the amount of sweetness you'll be consuming. Warning: a serious sugar high awaits you.

From now until September, these desserts will be filled with Mini Eggs, but the flavours change every month.

Some of their classic brownie flavours are salted caramel, S'mores, Reeses, pistachio, and, my personal favourite, cookies and cream.

A box of 12 brownies including two flavours will cost you $20, a box of 24 including four flavours is $35 and a box of 36 brownies with six flavours will have you spending $50.

You can even order eight flavours in a box of 48 brownies for $65, in case you're hosting a party or are just in the mood to seriously pig out on your own.

There are also vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options.

Blissful Brownies will be pleased to create a box of goodness or some tasty batter for you.

So long as you give them a minimum of two days in advance when you order since everything is made fresh.

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This home-based brownie company is sure to help you with all of your sweet tooth needs.

Blissful Brownie's Edible Batter

Price: $10 for one

When: Must order at least two days in advance. 

Address: Delivery available. 

Why You Need To Go: Do you really need a reason to get yourself some brownie goodness?

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