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This Old Montreal Restaurant Has A Maple-Themed Brunch With Bottomless Mimosas This Month

Maple season is here! 🍁

Maple-themed menu at restaurant Taverne Gaspar in Old Montreal.

Maple-themed menu at restaurant Taverne Gaspar in Old Montreal.

Montreal restaurants are known to serve it all, but if there's one thing that stands out during this time of year, it's everything maple! With sugar shacks being a sweet destination, you can get your maple on right here in the city, but with a total culinary twist.

To help celebrate the maple harvest season, Taverne Gaspar in Old Montreal is offering a maple-themed menu all month long.

Available until April 30, dinner and brunch menus will highlight nature's sweetest creation.

Courtesy of Gray Colletion

Start off your dinner with your choice of three appetizers, including foie gras with maple chutney and an array of comforting dishes.

Then move on to your choice of main, with the real show stopper definitely being the braised ribs and beef in puff pastry.

And is it really a maple-themed meal without some sticky maple over snow for dessert? You can also try a maple crème brulée if you're looking for something a little more subtle.

The weekend will also feature a two-course brunch for $24 per person.

Bottomless mimosas are available for an additional $30 per person. Highlights include waffles with crispy fried chicken in a spicy maple sauce and a Gaspar's meat lovers brunch with maple-glazed bacon, of course.

“The comforting and gourmet cuisine of Gaspar lends itself very well to that of a sugar shack," says Gaspar’s executive chef, Khelil Ben Ammar in a press release. "We want to offer an excellent showcase for local products while offering a fun and accessible experience to all.”

Here for just a limited time, this menu is definitely one that you'll want to check out to keep you feeling full and proud of this beautiful and delicious province that we get to call home.

Taverne Gaspar's Urban Sugar Shack

Courtesy of Gray Colletion

Price: $44 per person for dinner; $24 per person for brunch

When: Until April 30, 2022

Address: 89, rue de la Commune E, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Celebrate maple harvest season in the most delicious way possible.


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