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This Quebec Cabin In The Woods For Sale Looks Like A Massive Sauna (PHOTOS)

Who wouldn't wanna spend their weekends in an all wood chalet?
This Quebec Cabin In The Woods For Sale Looks Like A Massive Sauna (PHOTOS)

One of the latest trends in real estate is investing in a Quebec chalet — because who wouldn't want a second home? And if you're on the hunt for one, Bromont, which is located just an hour from Montreal, is an ideal spot for you to get a little country house.

Not only is it a quick drive from home, but it's also an adorable town that'll offer you a certain serenity that you can't find in the city.

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Listed at $549,000, this property has some serious Canadian charm.

David Lambert | RE/MAX

The home, which is made entirely of wood, has large windows that display breathtaking panoramic views.

David Lambert | RE/MAX

There's an undeniable warmth to this property that'll give you the urge to stay there forever.

David Lambert | RE/MAX

The large master bedroom located on the second floor has a super cool clawfoot tub that offers one of the best views in the house.

David Lambert | RE/MAX

The large backyard overlooks the forest and the shed on the property is the ideal storage place.

David Lambert | RE/MAX

If you're on the market for a country home, or if you simply want to move out of the city, this property might just be for you.

David Lambert | RE/MAX

Cabin In The Woods

David Lambert | RE/MAX

Price: $549,000

Address: 15, rue Du Sommet, Bromont, QC

Description: This stunning all-wood home is truly a dream cottage and basically looks like a massive sauna.

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