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Trailers For Disney's Movie 'Clouds' Are Out & You Can See Likely Quebec Filming Sites

The film by Jane The Virgin's Justin Baldoni comes out on October 16.
Trailers For Disney's Movie 'Clouds' Are Out & You Can See Likely Quebec Filming Sites

Last year, many of us were on the hunt for Justin Baldoni while he and his family were staying in Montreal. Baldoni, who's best known for playing Rafael Solano on the hit series Jane The Virgin, was posting up a storm about his time spent in the 514.

From roaming around Old Montreal "falling in love with our city" to posting a slew of sneaky stories about the project he was working on, I know wasn't the only one praying to run into him — but I never did.

Baldoni was in Quebec directing his new movie Clouds and there are now two trailers out for the film to give you a glimpse of what he was up to.

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Where was the movie filmed?

Although we never got any true confirmation when it comes to locations, from the looks of his Instagram during his time here, Baldoni was filming in a home in the suburbs of Montreal.

He once posted a photo at a football field in St-Hubert and there's a football field in the trailer, so we're putting two and two together with that one.

Baldoni was also said to be at the Heritage Regional High School in St-Hubert scouting locations to film.

What is the film about?

The movie is about the life and death of an inspiring teenager named Zach Sobiech.

Baldoni directed a short documentary called My Last Days on Soul Pancake about Sobiech and the project became bigger than a simple job for him.

Baldoni was very passionate about sharing the story of Zach Sobiech, a teenage singer, and songwriter from Minnesota who through music, touched the lives of so many throughout his short life.

When will we be able to watch Clouds?

The movie will be available for streaming on Friday, October 16. on Disney+.

Baldoni took to Instagram and captioned his post about the film's recent trailer with the following, "Seven years ago I made a promise to #ZachSobiech that I would do whatever I could to make sure the world knew his name and heard his music."

"We are now only two days until the GLOBAL PREMIER on @disneyplus. It will be available to stream 24-7 starting this Friday!"

Are you guys as excited to watch it as I am?

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