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A Montreal Borough Was Ranked One Of The Coolest Neighbourhoods In The World

According to Time Out.
A Montreal Borough Was Ranked One Of The Coolest Neighbourhoods In The World

One of the things that Montrealers love about their city is the wide range of cool neighbourhoods to explore, like Mile End, Verdun, Little Italy... Turns out, so do people from around the world.

Time Out is a London-based media company, which highlights culture, entertainment, and culinary delights in destinations around the world and encourages people to explore "the best of the city."

On Tuesday, October 6, the company released "The 40 coolest neighbourhoods in the world" and we're proud to say that coming in at #11 is Montreal's very own Verdun neighbourhood. 

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...these are places where the soul of the city is on full display, thanks to independent businesses, local culture and community initiatives.

James Manning, International Editor of Time Out

Located on the St. Lawrence River, Verdun feels like it's part of the charm of the City of Montreal, but definitely has its own appeal, history and overall vibe.

People love to head to the borough to explore the boutiques and restaurants on rue Wellington or stroll along its many pedestrian paths.

"Despite renewed lockdown restrictions hitting the city in October, Verdun"s continued rallying cry of local flavours, sights and sounds in the face of uncertainty demonstrates how Montreal – and cities everywhere – can and will get through this," said Jean-Pierre Karwacki of Time Out Montreal.

Verdun is the only Canadian neighbourhood on this year's list, beating neighbourhoods in other major cities, like Madrid, London and Tokyo.

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