We Asked Locals To Rename Montreal If They Could & The Replies Are Pure Chaos


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A view of the Montreal skyline during the wintertime from the Mont-Royal lookout.

A view of the Montreal skyline during the wintertime from the Mont-Royal lookout.

Oh, Montreal. A metropolis steeped in history and culture with the city's name playing an important role in its identity. I mean, Montreal is technically named after one of its biggest and most popular landmarks, Mount Royal.

Despite already having a pretty epic name, we asked locals what alternative names they could think of for Montreal and people didn't hold back.

A number of replies said they'd rename the city to reflect its original Indigenous roots. "Tiohti:áke," one person said. "Kawenote Teiontiakon," another commented.

When it comes to renaming the city, Montrealers couldn't help but poke fun at the city's incessant construction, traffic and potholes.

"Under construction," one person wrote. "Cone City," another commented. With our road conditions being such a hot topic, here are a handful of other hilarious name ideas that reflect our questionable love-hate relationship with construction.


"Rue Barrée."

"Pothole mecca."

"Pothole city."

"Orange cone city."

"Cone Island."

"Pothole Metropolis."

"No parking city."

"Detour city."


A few others also took the opportunity to come for the city's love for bike paths. "Veloville," one person wrote. "Bike lane-ville," another commented.

"Bagel town," "Smoked meatville," and "Poutineville," were also extremely popular replies and ones that are very fitting when you take into consideration Montreal's iconic bagel, poutine and smoked meat scene.

Now, while the hundreds of replies dragged the city for its endless construction, bike lanes and food spots, countless replies said that they wouldn't change a single thing.

"Awful question to ask! Why would we change it?" someone wrote. "Are you for real ?! Why would anyone want to rename a city that has become known for its culture, diversity, entertainment, fine dining, hospitality and all it offers?" another person said.

Turns out, people really do have a love for the city they call home, and rightfully so.

"People could sh*t on Montreal for its problems.... but it's been my home and always will be. I love Montreal and always will," one comment reads.

"Still I love Montreal. It is my city and proud of it!"

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Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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