We Asked Montrealers What Their Go-To Eats Spot Is After A Drunk Night-Out

One resto came up A LOT!

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
The Montreal skyline during the nighttime.

The Montreal skyline during the nighttime.

Montreal is known for its thriving nightlife and impressive food scene. So when you mix those two together, you're in for one heck of a combo.

For those who have had their fair share of nights out across Montreal, when those bar or club lights come on and you're drunk AF — you already know what time it is. Food time.

We went ahead and asked Montrealers what their go-to foodie spots are after a drunken night out, and it's safe to say that if there's one city that does post-club eats the best, it's definitely Montreal.

"It used to be Kojax back in the day," one person commented. Turns out, Kojax was easily the most popular response that came up, with locals highlighting the rue Saint Catherine Ouest location as their fave, which sadly closed its doors back in 2022 after 45 years of operation.

Despite losing a top spot for a bangin' late-night bite, Montreal is still full of restos that get the job done. Here are some other foodie spots Montrealers love to go to after a boozy night out.

"Montreal pool room."


"$2 chow mein on St-Laurent."

"Chez Danny or good old McDeez."

"L’Express on St. Denis, hands down."

"La Belle Province, but their French fries only!"

"Back in the day Kojax or Burger King."

"Paulo and Suzanne."

"Lafleurs … or Chenoys!"

"Foufs pizza."

"Mon Nam, Joe's Panini, Chenoys and Soupe et Nouilles."

"La Banquise ou le Wok Café."

"Jarry Smoked Meat."

"Décarie Hotdogs."


"Orange Julep!"

And for the reply that truly had us LOL-ing: "There is this blond chick I know who lives on Parc, always good eats."

We see what you did there!

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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