Here's What The CIJA Says You Should Do If You See Anti-Semitic Comments Online

This follows anti-Semitic responses to gatherings of the Hasidic community in Outremont.
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Here's What The CIJA Says You Should Do If You See Anti-Semitic Comments Online

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) and Federation CJA have responded to "many antisemitic and hateful comments on #Facebook" related to gatherings in the Hasidic community in Outremont over the weekend.

The four-part tweet goes on to say that both agencies re-iterate the belief that everyone, including practicing Jews, should comply with government recommendations and rules.

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"We reaffirm our position that all members of the Jewish community must comply with public health directives."

The series goes on to say that both CIJA and CJA acknowledge the anger and frustration felt by others, reactions online have "crossed the line into antisemitism and hate. That is not acceptable." 

"While we understand and share the frustration this story has evoked, we are also deeply concerned with how these concerns are being expressed on social media."

The teams are working to flag concerning comments to Facebook and to the SPVM, in specific cases.

Users who see antisemitic comments and any form of hatred are encouraged to flag the comments to the platforms, themselves.

CIJA is asking that once you have done so, you let the group know on the website.

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