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Here's What's Open & Closed On Saint-Jean-Baptiste In Montreal

Bonne Saint-Jean!!
Here's What's Open & Closed On Saint-Jean-Baptiste In Montreal

Here's a quick list of what's open and closed on Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Montreal. 

With the Montreal Canadiens poised to (hopefully) beat the Las Vegas Golden Knights at the Bell Centre on Thursday, it could be a celebration like no other.

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What's closed on Saint-Jean?

The SAQ will be closed on Thursday. The company also said most of its stores will close at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, "with the exception of SAQ 20 h branches, which will close at 8 p.m., and SAQ Express branches, which will close at 9 p.m."

All SQDC locations will also be closed.

As for grocery stores, IGA says only some of its locations will be open on Thursday. Quebecers can find their local store hours online.

On its website, Metro says "some" of its grocery stores would be closed for the Fête Nationale. However, MTL Blog was unable to find a single store that would be open in Montreal.

Canada Post branches will be closed.

What's open on Saint-Jean?

Espace pour la vie properties (the Biodome, Botanical Garden and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium) will be open.

The STM will operate on a holiday schedule. Changes to bus routes will be posted online on individual bus schedules.

Most Montreal boroughs will continue with trash, compost and recycling pick-up as usual. Only two boroughs are changing their schedules: Montréal-Nord is postponing "green waste" (vegetation, leaves, etc.) pick-up to Friday and Ville-Marie is cancelling trash and food waste pickup.

Écocentres will be open.

In a statement, the City of Montreal said recreational and sports facility hours will vary by borough. The city invites the public to contact individual facilities for their schedules. 

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