You Can Find Affordable Rattan Furniture On This Montreal Instagram Account

You could be reclining on rattan furniture, sipping a cocktail on a Floridian veranda right about now. But you're not. You're here watching your Golden Girls DVD box set and dreaming of an escape to less dreary locales. Thankfully, however, Boho Boutique is here to help you complete the fantasy with some affordable rattan furniture in Montreal.

The Instagram page, bohoboutique.mtl, is run by Montrealer Stephanie Lee, who told MTL Blog that it all started after she made a move and began furnishing her new place.

She says she developed a passion for interior design in the intense and very relatable boredom that followed the first pandemic lockdown.

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"Inspired by beachy vibes and boho," she set out to decorate her new home.

"But in Canada, I noticed it's very difficult to find this kind of furniture new," she said.

"I had always been a fan of thrifting and buying vintage clothing so I started getting into vintage furniture and home décor."

She quickly got carried away, accumulating more coffee tables than she knew what to do with.

Lee decided to sell some of her items and began to make connections. As interest in her stuff developed, she started an Instagram page. "And here we are."

Recent items on the page include rattan tables for $120, an enticingly plush mamasan chair for $290, a peacock chair (more like a throne) for $200, and a swivel armchair for $170.

Her goal now is to continue to offer these vintage treasures at reasonable prices.

"I don't want to make it an exclusive thing for people who have the means."

"I want to keep it accessible."

"I just want to spread the word and love for boho."

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