Most Canadian Companies Still Plan To Add Jobs In 2023 (!) — Here's What They're Looking For

65% of surveyed managers are looking for more contract staff.

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Montreal's business district seen from street level.

Montreal's business district seen from street level.

In a survey of approximately 1,500 managers, just over half were looking to hire additional permanent talent in the early months of 2023, according to consulting firm Robert Half. 90% of the surveyed managers also said that it's hard to find skilled professionals in the current uncertain economy.

This means Montrealers are well-positioned to look for a new role in the coming months, and applicants can expect to see strong benefits and other offerings as employers scramble to find new hires.

"Employers should be prepared to offer competitive salaries, perks, and benefits to attract and retain top talent in this continuing tight labour market," said David King, Senior Managing Director, Robert Half, Canada and South America in a recent press release.

65% of managers also plan to hire "more contract professionals" in early 2023, a 15% increase compared to six months ago.

"Hiring contract professionals can be a valuable tactic for managing heavy workloads, increasing support for key projects, and reducing burnout," King explained. If you're looking for more flexible work, contract employment could be a promising avenue in early 2023.

Companies are also looking for specific traits in the interview process, according to the firm's State of Canadian Hiring Survey. The top traits highlighted by managers were "timeliness and professionalism during interviews, knowledge of the company [and] passion for the company's mission."

"Hiring mistakes and regrets can occur when the pressure to staff a role overrides the search for the right candidate. [...] Companies need to balance efficiency with the due diligence required for a successful hire," King noted.

For potential employees, note that it's reasonable to expect a timely and fair hiring process — and if things don't work out, you can always turn elsewhere.

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