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You Can Learn Subjects That Aren't Taught In Quebec Schools On This Local Website

Including what happens after an arrest, sign language, and lessons on personal development.
You Can Learn Subjects That Aren't Taught In Quebec Schools On This Local Website

There's a myriad of things that Quebec schools don't teach us, which is the exact reason Neo Collège came to fruition.

Neo Collège is a website where students can go to learn subjects that they likely haven't learnt before, such as sign language or understanding paycheques.

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The creator of this site, Katarina Radovanovic, describes the lessons, which are all in French, as providing students with the "confidence to tackle real-world situations later" and says it is thanks to Ana Bautista that the platform exists.

Being offered online, the activities adapt to everyone's schedule and different learning paces. Plus, every activity is 25 minutes or less, so you can learn something new quickly and easily.

"We believe it is important not only to talk about essential subjects, but also to present them in a simple, practical, and actional way to make learning relevant and engaging at all times," Radovanovic told MTL Blog.

You can read our interview with Neo Collège's creator below.

Answers have been edited and condensed for clarity.

How did Neo Collège come to be?

At a very young age, I started volunteering for the Multi-Ethnic Association for the Integration of Handicapped People in Montreal. It exposed me to many usually invisible realities surrounding us.

Since then, I've been working with young people.

During my high school years, I asked myself a lot of questions about my future life. There are so many things that students will need throughout their lives, but that aren't taught in the classroom, whether in personal health, finance, and civic engagement.

To ensure we get the most out of life, Neo Collège was created and is currently developing activities on topics that would be useful in the long term.

What benefits do you think Neo Collège's activities can provide people with?

Adolescence is the time to open up to the world and begin to develop as a person. The behaviours and skills acquired during this period can shape many spheres in adulthood: relationships, career, health, and many more.

We want to help them get excited about a green lifestyle, healthy habits, essential life skills through new ways of doing things, widening their perspectives and making them aware of their possibilities.

By discussing topics such as finances, mental health, relationships, we hope to help build a generation of resilient and fulfilled adults.

At the end of each activity, we provide various external resources related to the topic presented.

And if resources are your thing, you can get an ebook full of resources during our crowdfunding launched this week during School perseverance week.

More than 100 organizations and programs offering services for teenagers are listed.

You will find sports programs, leadership, entrepreneurship, social involvement, career development support, etc. You can also find hotlines, school resources, immersion opportunities, and much more.

A must for young people who want to develop their skills and take advantage of the many programs offered in Québec.

What type of subjects are covered in the different activities?

"What happens after an arrest," "Reading nutritional values," "Understanding your paycheck," "Living with roommates" and "Intro to sign language" are all examples of topics we will cover.

Teens can find activities on subjects that are essential to everyday life but are forgotten by a traditional school.

There are three main categories: society, including politics, law, community; sustainable living, including environment, finances, physical and mental health; and healthy relationships, including communication, personal development, family-friend-love relationships.

Basically, we touch all life skills that will prepare teenagers for real-world challenges.

Why do you think the lessons taught at Neo Collège are an important addition to students' education?

To create a stable foundation on which to build a strong society based on reality, diversity and inclusiveness, education must be built on these same values.

It is by developing the soft skills of citizens that we contribute to tomorrow's society. Young people are full-fledged citizens, it is imperative to provide them with the means to build their critical sense, their ability to communicate their thoughts, know their rights, etc.

As teens become adults they need to find resources that can teach them the essential skills they don't yet possess, and we are there to support them in their journey.

We will encounter all of these topics sooner or later, and as Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.''

If you'd like to donate to Neo Collège and all that it does, you can do so here.

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