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One Illegal Party In Quebec Led To Over $135,000 Worth Of Fines

Police say 75 people were found gathering and others were caught running away or hiding.
One Illegal Party In Quebec Led To Over $135,000 Worth Of Fines

On the evening of May 14 just before midnight, an illegal party in Quebec was broken up after Sainte-Béatrix's fire department responded to a call and noticed a very large gathering taking place.

According to la Sûreté du Québec, 75 people were caught inside a house in the Lanaudière region and most were supposedly from the Greater Montreal area.

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The 75 people who were found gathering each received a ticket for going against Public Health regulations. 

Along with those fines, "ten tickets were issued for curfew violations to those who had fled outside and approximately 20 tickets were issued for municipal by-law violations such as obstructing police work." 

Police say the average age of the party-goers was between 20 and 30 and the total amount of fines issued was over $135,000.

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