Patrice Roy's Glasses At The French Debate Got Their Own Twitter Account & It's Hilarious

Patrice Roy's glasses from the French debate were the latest inanimate object to get their own Twitter account Wednesday night.

The brown frames generated a bit of a buzz on social media, especially among journalists, as the moderator effortlessly slipped them on between questions and held them as he tossed his arms to punctuate his follow-ups, adding some dramatic flair to a mostly civil debate.

"We're going to say it, we're wondering a little bit what our point is tonight..." the first tweet from the account LesLunettesDePatriceRoy reads.

Most of the commentary focused on Roy's dizzying use of his glasses as a prop.

"If you thought [La Ronde] was a roller coaster ride... Watch us tonight!"

Though, as the account points out, Roy did at times use the glasses for their "primary function."

The glasses survived the evening (mostly) unscathed, it seems.