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Legault Made 10 Demands For Quebec To The Federal Party Leaders Ahead Of The Election

More control over immigration was at the top of the list.

Canada Federal Election: Legault Made 10 Demands For Quebec

At a press conference on Thursday, Premier François Legault outlined what his government sees as Quebec's priorities for the next federal government following the upcoming Canadian election. Immigration and health care spending were at the top of the list.

First, Legault reiterated his request that the federal government up its health care contribution to "35% of total expenditures." He and other premiers, including Doug Ford, have repeatedly called on the feds to increase their share of spending to take some of the burden off of the provinces.

Second, Legault called on the federal government to grant Quebec more power over immigration, specifically requesting that the province have "full control over immigration through family reunification."

"Quebec cannot function in a multicultural regime like the rest of Canada. We must absolutely integrate immigrants into the francophone majority," the premier said.

He listed eight other issues he said he hopes to "resolve" with the next federal government, according to a press release, including applying the Charter of the French Language to federally regulated businesses in Quebec, more funding for the province's effort to combat climate change and "the implementation of a single income tax return administered by the Quebec authorities to simplify the administrative procedures for citizens."

Legault also asked federal party leaders to not challenge the controversial Bill 21, which bans public servants from wearing religious symbols while performing their duties.

The other demands were for:

  • "the modification of the structure of federal payments so that they are complementary to the investments provided for in the Quebec Infrastructure Plan"
  • "respect for Quebec's jurisdiction over housing through federal investments that support Quebec government priorities and programs"
  • the "modification of the legislative framework for environmental assessments to provide that only the Quebec environmental impact assessment and review procedure should apply to projects under Quebec's jurisdiction"
  • "the conclusion of an agreement recognizing Quebec's unconditional right to opt out, with full financial compensation, of any federal spending in its areas of jurisdiction."
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