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Here's A Quick Recap Of Which Rules Are Changing In Quebec As We Go Into The Green Zone

Terrasses will be able to sit groups of 20 at tables!
Quebec Is Going Into The Green Zone & Here's A Recap Of The New Rules

The time has nearly come. As of Monday, June 28, all of Quebec is going into the green zone and this move will come with the loosening up of various restrictions.

During a press conference on June 22, Legault specified that
"we can go from small parties to medium-sized parties. No big parties yet."

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In short, here are the new regulations that the entire province will have to follow starting Monday:

- Indoor gatherings will be limited to 10 people from a maximum of three different households, with social distancing and mask-wearing "highly recommended." Outdoor gatherings must be limited to 20 people.

- Bars and restaurants can sit up to 10 people (from up to three different households) at a table inside and 20 people on their terrasse.

- Wedding ceremonies can host up to 250 people and receptions will be limited to 50 people. Guests must wear masks, except while sitting or being silent.

- Funerals are able to have 250 guests, but they must all remain seated and wearing masks.

- Fitness classes and indoor sports can have 25 participants from different households.

Occupancy limits and public health guidelines must continue to be followed, as specified by the government.

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