Quebec Liberal Party Leader Wants Vaccines To Be Mandatory For Some

As the day in which Quebec's vaccine passport is set to be implemented for some non-essential activities and places quickly approaches, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, is asking François Legault to also implement mandatory vaccination for certain groups of people.

In a Facebook post, Anglade wrote, "I call on the Prime Minister to make vaccination mandatory for all employees of the government, the health and social services network, education, daycare facilities, the National Assembly and for all persons attending college and university campuses. People with medical reasons should be exempt from this measure."

She goes on to say that "As the Public Health's vaccination objectives increase, the government must put in place the necessary means to achieve them, and mandatory vaccination of these groups would be an effective way to do so."

Anglade believes this is an "essential step" to helping fight COVID-19 in Quebec.

The party leader also included a petition to make vaccines mandatory for these groups of people in her post.