Quebec Reported Over 14,000 New COVID-19 Cases & Broke A Record For Hospitalizations

It also reported the most deaths since February 2021.

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Quebec Reported Over 14,000 New COVID-19 Cases & Broke A Record For Hospitalizations

Quebec's daily COVID-19 numbers just dropped, and things are so far looking grim this new year. In the past 24 hours, the province recorded 14,494 new cases — not a shattering new record, but a huge number of new cases nonetheless.

Quebec did sadly achieve one new record, though. According to the latest data from the government and public health authority, the province saw the biggest daily spike in the net increase in hospitalizations since the pandemic began: 196, for a total of 1,592 current active hospitalizations.

309 new people were admitted to the hospital outside of intensive care. The total number of non-intensive care hospitalizations, 1,407, exceeded the dedicated capacity for COVID-19 patients, 1,252.

Intensive care units saw a net increase of four patients for a total of 185, accounting for about 12% of total hospitalizations.

There were 21 more deaths recorded on January 3, the most reported in a single day since February 2021.

In terms of vaccination statistics, the province is maintaining an 82% double vaccination rate in people 5 years and older. 6.67 million people have had their second dose.

18% of the population is vaccinated with a third dose. Until January 4, booster shots were limited among the general public to people 60 years and older. New age groups will become eligible every week in January, concluding with Quebecers aged 18 to 24 on January 21.

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