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Quebec Universities And Cegeps Can Stay Open 'If Students Have Exams Or Internships'

According to Health Minister Dubé.

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Quebec Universities And Cegeps Can Stay Open 'If Students Have Exams Or Internships'

Quebec announced a slew of new COVID-19 rules on Monday, including the suspension of elementary and high school classes as of Tuesday, December 21. Quebec universities and cegeps, meanwhile, can continue with final exams and internships, Health Minister Christian Dubé confirmed.

"The explosion of cases is incredible," the minister remarked at the opening of a press conference about the new regulations.

He said that despite the province's effort to expand COVID-19 vaccine booster shot eligibility, additional restrictions were needed in the short term to curb the latest wave of infections.

Adult and professional training centres will also close as of Tuesday.

Elementary schools will remain open until the holiday break only to distribute rapid test kits and facilitate the vaccination campaign for children.

Daycares will remain open for families who need them, Dubé said.

Moreover, schools will not be able to resume in-person classes until January 10. Schools that begin their 2022 semesters before then will have to conduct classes remotely.

Among the other measures announced by Quebec Monday are the closure of bars, gyms, theatres and concert halls, and the reintroduction of a work from home order.

Amateur and professional sports events will also have to take place without audiences.

"It is no longer time for caution and vigilance; we must act now to avoid the worst," Dubé said in a press release.

"Although our high vaccination rate is an asset, Quebec will not escape what is happening elsewhere with the progression of the Omicron variant. The actions of each of us will have consequences in the weeks to come."

    Thomas MacDonald
    Senior Editor
    Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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